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Change Control

Change Control
Foundation 22.1

When exporting configuration item types from a database, note the following:

  • It is highly recommended that export packages are exported and imported using the same database version and OnBase version.

  • When certain configuration items are exported, related configuration items may also automatically be exported, although they are not displayed in the export summary or available to select for export. For example, when you export a Document Type, associated Keyword Types, User Groups, and Document Type Groups are exported and available to import into a destination database.

  • When Folder Types are selected for export, only File Cabinets and Folder Types are able to be exported. The following are not exported:

    • Related folders

    • Default templates

    • Default filters

  • Folder Types configured for Document Tracking cannot be exported.

  • When an External AutoFill Keyword Set using a VBScript is exported, its VBScript, like its Keywords, are automatically exported as separate objects, which can then be imported as well.

  • Only published and active Unity Scripts are available for export.

  • WorkView Item Generators are not available to be exported and Item Generator Sets that contain WorkView Item Generators are not available to be exported.

  • Translation strings configured for configuration items are exported with those configuration items, however, additional manual configuration is required in the destination database the first time a specific language is imported.


When exporting a configuration item, not all of its related configuration items are automatically exported, since not all configuration items are supported for import. Therefore, certain items may require manual configuration after import.

For module-specific export considerations, see the appropriate module reference guides.