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Change Control

Change Control
Foundation 22.1

In conjunction with column filter operators, column filter drop-down lists are used to select or enter a value that defines how to apply a filter to the configuration items list.

To select an option from a column's drop-down list, click the drop-down arrow:

To enter a value in the drop-down list, click to the left of the drop-down arrow and enter the value. The configuration items list is filtered as you type.

The following options are available for selection from all drop-down lists:




The Custom Filter Selection dialog box is opened, and a custom filter can be created.

For more information, see Custom Filter Selection.


Blank values for the column are displayed.


Any non-blank values for the column are displayed.

Each column's drop-down list also contains all the unique values in the configuration items list for that column. For example, the drop-down list for the Type column lists the configuration item types contained in the export package:

All filtering applied to the configuration type list column can be cleared by clicking the following button: