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Change Control

Change Control
Foundation 22.1

To automatically decision all configuration items listed in the export package:

  1. Click Auto Resolution. The Auto Resolution dialog box is displayed:
  2. Select Create Unmatched Items to assign the Create decision option to any configuration items for which a matching item cannot be found to map to. Without this option selected, any configuration items that do not have a match will not have their decision option changed. This option is selected by default.
  3. Select Override Existing Actions to allow automatic resolution to override and reassign any decision options that have already been selected by the user.
  4. To automatically resolve items based on decisions made for those items during a previous import, select Auto Resolve Using Previous Decisions. To automatically resolve items based on item name only, select Auto Resolve Using Item Names Only.

    If a configuration item has not been previously imported, it will be resolved based on item name.

  5. Click Automatically Resolve All Items.

    Any decisions made by the automatic resolution logic are only suggestions. Verify all decisions before proceeding to import. Depending on how the decision options are automatically assigned, you still may need to manually decision some configuration items.