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Change Control

Change Control
Foundation 22.1

Information on completed imports can be viewed within Import Management in the Configuration module.

To view import history:

  1. From the Configuration module, select Utils | Change Control | Import Management.

    In the Import wizard, Import Management can be accessed from the gear icon on the right side of the Navigation bar.

    The Import Management dialog box is displayed:

  2. On the Import Management dialog box, import history is listed. Each import entry lists the following:




    The date and time the import took place.


    The user name of the user who initiated the import.


    The module or interface in which the import was initiated. Import and Export wizards are available in different contexts, depending on system licensing.


    The status of the import. A status of Committed or Reverted means the import is complete and was successfully committed or reverted, respectively.

    A status of Incomplete means the import was neither committed nor reverted. An import with this status must be resolved before another import can take place.


    Imports are automatically reverted when issues occur. Imports can only be reverted manually when the Revert option is displayed.


    Indicates whether the backup tables for completed imports have been purged. Backup tables are created for each completed import. These tables can be referenced by your first line of support in the event a committed import needs to be reverted.


    Retain backup tables until you are certain they are not needed. Once backup tables are deleted, they cannot be recovered or used to correct import changes.

    To purge backup tables for completed import, click Purge backup tables.


    Click a column header to sort the list by that column in either ascending or descending order.

  3. If there is an import that has a status of Incomplete, the Commit and Revert options are available:

    An incomplete import must be resolved before another import can take place. Before resolving an incomplete import within Import Management, contact the user who performed the import to ensure the import is not still in progress. If the import is not in progress, select from the following options:

    • Click Commit to implement the changes to the database.

    • Click Revert to roll back and cancel the changes to the database.

  4. Click Close.