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Change Control
Foundation 22.1

Before creating a test environment, consider the following:

  • The Test System Creation utility cannot be used in Hyland Cloud hosted solutions.

  • The Test System Creation utility cannot run using a source database with a schema version prior to OnBase 18. If the database has a schema version prior to OnBase 18, it must be upgraded before being able to use the Test System Creation utility.

  • A second database must be created and a location for the test Disk Groups must be established. The second database is used to contain the test environment, and is the system on which the changes are made. The Disk Group location created for the test environment is used for all documents archived into the test environment.

  • The test database must match the source database in terms of the database type and access rights, and an ODBC source must be created that points to it.


    Contact your first line of support for assistance with creating the required users and access rights for your test database.

  • The Test System Creation utility cannot create a test environment using a database that contains data.

  • To create a test system using the Configuration module, the databases for both the test and source environments must be accessible by the OnBase Application Server. The Application Server must be configured for impersonation or using an application pool with network credentials.

  • Environment-specific values may be cleared and must be properly configured in the test environment. Cleared environment-specific values are included in test system creation reports archived in the source database and the test database using the SYS Verification Reports Document Type.

  • After the test system creation process is completed, error details are logged in the Diagnostics Console.

  • Keywords and Disk Groups that are encrypted in the source environment will not be encrypted in the test environment.

  • If documents will be transferred using Custom Queries during the test system creation process, it is recommended that the 64-bit version of the Test System Creation executable be used.

  • In the test environment, an entry is added to Change Tracking that includes the name of the data source from which the test environment was created.