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Folders Best Practices

Foundation 22.1

Folder content options control whether documents reside statically or dynamically in folders. A static folder contains static links to the documents, so changes to folder Keyword Values won't change the documents appearing in the folder. A dynamic folder is automatically populated by searching for documents that satisfy the folder's criteria each time it is opened.

  1. Use dynamic folders whenever possible. Static folders should be used only when a business need requires documents to reside in a folder statically or when the Records Management module is being used to create managed folders.
  2. Avoid configuring Folder Types as both static and dynamic, unless a business need requires it. Some static/dynamic folder behaviors may confuse users. For example, if a user manually adds a document that already resides in a folder dynamically, the document is listed twice in the folder (once for the dynamic relationship and once for the static relationship).
    A case that justifies using static/dynamic folders is when a folder contains a piece of correspondence that doesn't match any of the folder's Keyword Types, which are used to dynamically populate the folder with other documents.
  3. A folder can contain both documents and subfolders at its root. If documents will reside only in the folder's subfolders (child folders), configure the folder's contents as Folders Only. Configure a folder to contain Folders and Documents only if the documents will reside directly within that folder (rather than only in its subfolders).