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Folders Best Practices

Foundation 22.1

Folder display options affect both how users find the folders they need and how quickly folders are retrieved. OnBase provides four display options for folders. These options allow you to choose the best way to display folders as required by business practices.

  1. The recommended child folder display option for file cabinets or Folder Types containing thousands of folders is Only Display Child Folders from Search. This option improves folder retrieval time, provided users know the type of folder they're looking for and how it is indexed.
  2. Use the Do Not Automatically Display First Document display option for folders containing documents that take a while to display, such as large PDFs or CAD drawings. This option prevents the first document in the folder from being automatically displayed in the viewer.
  3. Use the Display Child Folders as Tabs child folder display option only for Folder Types configured to contain folders only. Because the first child folder tab is displayed automatically when the parent folder is opened, any documents residing in the parent folder's root (i.e., not in its child folders) are more difficult to access. Users can still access the documents in the parent folder, but the steps to do so may not be obvious.
  4. Avoid using light or dark colors for child folder tabs. If tab colors are too light or too dark, there may not be enough contrast between the tab name and the tab background, making the tab name difficult to read.