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Folders Best Practices

Foundation 22.1

The following best practices recommendations are intended for users who work with folders in the OnBase Client.

  1. As a best practice, use the Folder Contents | Keywords options only when a folder and its contents use the same Keyword Types. Otherwise, use the Keywords right-click option to modify folder and document Keyword values separately.
  2. Use folders to automate document indexing. If you are importing documents that you know will be added to an existing folder, open the folder in the File Cabinets window and drag the file you're importing to the Documents pane. When the import dialog box is displayed, check the Document Type and Keyword values, and then import the file.
    This import method reduces indexing errors by automatically populating document Keyword values with Keyword values from the Folder Type. Note that if the folder is static or static/dynamic, any Document Type can be assigned to the document imported using this method. If the folder is dynamic, only Document Types configured to dynamically populate the folder are available.
  3. Be wary of folders that are both static and dynamic. You cannot remove a document from a folder if it resides there dynamically, but you can remove documents that reside in the folder statically.

    To check whether a folder is static and/or dynamic, select the folder, and then read the contents bar above the folder tree.

  4. If you know a folder's Folder Type and Keyword values, use a folder search to retrieve it rather than browse to it. This approach retrieves the folder more quickly and prevents OnBase from performing unnecessary queries for folder information.
  5. Provide Keyword values when searching for a specific folder. Avoid performing unrestricted folder searches, which can affect performance.
  6. Use the Restore Default Display right-click option to restore the default display settings for the advanced File Cabinets window.
  7. Do not close the Folder Tree or Documents pane in the advanced File Cabinets window. These panes are integral to folder usability. If they are closed when you close the File Cabinets window, then the window reverts to its default display the next time the window is opened.
  8. If you display a document in the Document Viewer and close all the panes, you can neither re-open the panes nor the restore the default display using the right-click menu. Only the document's right-click options are available. To turn the panes back on, close the File Cabinets window and then re-open it.