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Folders Best Practices

Foundation 22.1

OnBase provides two methods for creating folders automatically: auto-foldering and auto-creation. Auto-foldering automatically creates a folder and all of its parent folders when a document is imported. Auto-creation automatically creates a folder's child folders when the parent folder is created, even if child folders' documents don't reside in OnBase yet.

  1. Choose the method of folder creation that best suits your business practices. Use auto-creation if folders should be created before documents are imported and each folder should contain the same subset of child folders. Keep in mind that empty auto-created folders may confuse users who expect the folders to contain documents. If child folders should be created only when they will contain at least one document, use auto-foldering.
  2. Use auto-foldering rather than auto-creation to create date-based folders. If auto-creation is used, the date range on auto-created, date-based folders will reflect either the parent folder's date or the document's date, depending on whether the parent folder is created manually or through auto-foldering. New documents that enter OnBase outside of the original date range will not appear in the folders. If auto-foldering is configured for date-based folders, then folders with the correct date ranges are created as the documents are imported.