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Folders Best Practices

Foundation 22.1

The following are brief definitions of foldering terms used throughout this guide. For more comprehensive information about each term, see the Exposure chapter in the Folders module reference guide or help files.


To automatically create a folder's child folder structure when the folder is created. One of each type of child folder is created.


To automatically create a folder and its parent folders when a document that belongs in that folder is imported or re-indexed. OnBase uses indexing information from the document to determine whether a folder already exists for that document. If none exists, a new folder is created.

dynamic folder

A folder that retrieves its contents dynamically based on Document Type and keyword criteria.

file cabinet

The container for all folders within a folder hierarchy.


The client-side container used to organize documents and other folders. Each folder is based on a Folder Type, which defines the folder's configuration settings. A single document can reside in multiple folders. If the document is modified, changes are reflected in each folder.

Folder Type

The configuration model on which folders are based. Folder Types define the configuration settings that control the folder's position in a folder hierarchy, the Keyword Types assigned to the folder, and how the folder behaves in client applications.

static folder

A folder whose contents are not controlled by keyword criteria. Documents are added to static folders either manually or through auto-foldering. Documents are removed from static folders either manually or through document deletion.