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Folders Best Practices

Foundation 22.1

Keywords are a major part of any folder system and should be chosen selectively for their intended functions. Follow these guidelines when assigning Keyword Types to Folder Types.

  1. Assign as few Keyword Types as necessary. When assigning a Keyword Type to a Folder Type, you should be able to justify what it is used for. In foldering, Keyword Types can be used for the following functions:
    • Searching

    • Dynamic foldering

    • Auto-foldering

    • Naming folders (using Auto-Name strings)

    • Providing default values for drag-and-drop document indexing

    • Restricting access to folders (using Security Keywords)

  2. Be careful about assigning Security Keywords to folders. When a user browses a folder hierarchy, OnBase dynamically determines which folders and documents the user is allowed to view. Security Keywords could slow down this process.
  3. Don't configure any Keyword Types, Auto-Name strings, or parent Folder Types for file cabinet Folder Types. Keyword Types serve no purpose on file cabinets because users won't retrieve file cabinets using keyword searches. Auto-Name strings are also unnecessary because they are overridden by the file cabinet's name. No parent should be assigned to a file cabinet Folder Type, because file cabinets are at the top level of the folder tree.
  4. Set at least one Keyword Type as required for searching using the Retrieval check box in the Folder Type's Keyword Type Options. Enabling this setting prevents users from performing unrestricted folder queries, which can adversely affect system performance.
  5. When configuring a Folder Type's dynamic or auto-foldering properties, use Keyword Types whose values won't change. Values for Keyword Types like Name and Address could change, whereas values for Keyword Types like SSN, ID, and Account Number are likely to remain the same.
  6. If a Folder Type is assigned a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group, and Keyword Types in the group are used to dynamically populate folders with documents, then the Document Type(s) assigned to the folder must be assigned the same Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group. This configuration is required for dynamic folders to respect the grouping of assigned Keyword Types.