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Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink

Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink
Foundation 22.1

The OnBase integration with SAP is configured in the OnBase Configuration module, ArchiveLink Administration, and SAP itself. The OnBase Configuration module is used to configure OnBase document types for use with SAP, batch applications, and scan queues while ArchiveLink Administration controls the link between SAP and OnBase. The SAP system must be configured to communicate with the OnBase ArchiveLink Server and to use Unity Client for use with SAP ArchiveLink, DocPop, or UnityPop to view or import documents.

Topics in this chapter are organized by where configuration takes place and sequenced according to the order in which they should be performed for an initial configuration of Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink.

Additionally, other OnBase modules can take advantage of the integration between SAP and OnBase. System Interaction


All information specific to the SAP system must be provided by the SAP Administrator.