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Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink

Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink
Foundation 22.1

Repository information may now be entered.

To configure a repository:

  1. Click Full Administration to enable access to additional fields. The screen below shows the full content repository details.
  2. Enter the appropriate parameters. Field descriptions follow.

    Recipient Fields


    Content Rep.

    Enter a 2 character name for the content repository. This should be the same as the repository name entered in Create Repositories.


    The name of the content repository must be unique. That is, it must not be used by any other existing content repository in SAP.


    Enter in a brief description for the repository.

    Storage Type

    HTTP content server should be selected.

    Document Area

    Set the Document Area to ArchiveLink when scanning or importing images.

    Set the Document Area to Data Archiving when performing data archiving and DART.

    Version no

    The OnBase ArchiveLink Server is a version 4.7 (0047) interface compatible content server. Enter 0047.


    The OnBase ArchiveLink Server is also compatible with the version 4.5 (0045) ArchiveLink interface. However, to enable version 4.5 support, the ArchiveLink web.config file must be modified. In the <appSettings> section, the value of the ArchiveLinkVersion key must be changed from the default 0047 to 0045.

    HTTP Server

    Enter the machine name of the OnBase ArchiveLink Content Server.

    Port Number

    Enter the port number recorded during installation. In most cases, this will be port 80.

    HTTP Script

    Enter initial server page for the ArchiveLink Server. When configuring content repositories that are only used for DART or data archiving, the value will be <virtual_directory_name>/DataArchiveHandler.ashx

    For all other content repositories types, the value will be: <virtual_directory_name>/Service.aspx

    Basic Path

    Enter the UNC path for SAP temporary files associated with this Content Repository.

    Archive Path

    Enter a valid UNC path for the archive path.

  3. Ensure that the No Signature check box is not selected.
  4. If you are configuring an HTTPS connection, enter %HTTPS in the upper left hand corner input box. If you are not, skip to step 9.
  5. Press Enter. Upon pressing Enter, additional fields are displayed.
  6. Enter 443 in the SSL Port Number field.
  7. Set the HTTPS on frontend to HTTPS required.
  8. Set the HTTPS on backend to HTTPS required. The following is an example of a repository configured for an HTTPS connection.
  9. Click Save.