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Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink

Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink
Foundation 22.1

To allow viewing of documents through DocPop with SAP, three changes need to be made to the ArchiveLink web.config file. The UseDocPopAsGetViewer setting needs to be set to true and the SAPDocPopURL setting needs to be added. The DocPop URL should point to the docpop.aspx file as shown below.

<add key="SAPDocPopURL" value="http://machinename/Appnet/docpop/docpop.aspx"/>

The SAPDocPopClientType setting is used to specify the Web Client that is used to view documents through DocPop. When set to activex, the ActiveX Web Client will be used. When set to html, the HTML Web Client will be used.

In addition, the checksum setting must be set to the exact value of the checksum setting in the Web Server's web.config file. For more information about checksum generation, please refer to the Hyland SDK.