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Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink

Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink
Foundation 22.1

You can also sweep a file directory to bring documents into OnBase and SAP. To sweep:

  1. Navigate to the OAWD transaction.
  2. Find the appropriate SAP document type that you want to store the documents as and that is configured for the Storing for subsequent entry action.
  3. Double-click on the document type.

    The Storing for subsequent entry dialog box is displayed.

  4. Click Mass Archiving. If you are not already logged in to the Unity Client for use with SAP ArchiveLink, you will be prompted to log in. The Unity Client for use with SAP ArchiveLink is displayed.
  5. Click the Sweep button in the Integration Tools ribbon.
  6. Enter the path or browse to the folder where the files you want to import reside.
  7. If you want to delete the files from their original location after the sweep is complete, select Delete Files After Sweep. Otherwise, leave the option unselected.
  8. Click Sweep.
    The Sweep pane is displayed in the Unity Client for use with SAP ArchiveLink, with the first found file in the folder selected.
  9. Enter the appropriate file type, document date and keyword values in the fields of the Sweep pane.
  10. Click the Import button.
    Alternatively, if a file was found that you do not want to archive, click the Skip button to move on to the next file.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for each file found in the sweep.
    After each document is successfully archived, a mess age is displayed confirming that it has been imported successfully.
  12. See Processing Documents in SAP Workflow.