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Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink

Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink
Foundation 22.1

Bug Reports can be created from the Troubleshooting layout. Bug Reports generate zipped files that include documents containing relevant Messages, Exceptions, Logging Service information, the Timestamp of the creation time and date of the Bug Report, and, if selected, a screenshot. The file can be provided to a system administrator or solution provider when registering your issue.


Bug Reports are not a substitute for a formal reporting mechanism within your organization.

To create a Bug Report:

  1. Right-click within the Troubleshooting Messages pane and select Create Bug Report.
  2. The Create Bug Report dialog is opened.
  3. Enter your name and email into the Name and Email fields.
  4. Select Include Screenshot if you would like to add a screenshot of the active layout to your report.
  5. In the field at the bottom of the dialog, include a detailed description of the bug you encountered.
  6. Click Save To Desktop. The Bug Report file will be found on your workstation Desktop. Send this file to your OnBase system administrator.