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Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink

Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink
Foundation 23.1

In order for the Use OnBase Auto-Name for Work Item Name option in the Call Web Service Workflow action to function correctly, some steps must be completed in the SAP system.

The first step to adding on OnBase auto-name for work item creation is to customize the standard task used for document entry. On most systems this should be standard task 30001128. To configure this:

  1. Enter transaction code PFTC and find the appropriate standard task.
  2. Enter the task and click Copy.
  3. Enter in an appropriate name for the new version of the standard task.
  4. Click Copy task. With the new task created, the document auto-name will need to be added to the container.
  5. In the Container tab, click Create Element to create a new container element.
  6. Enter the DocumentName in the Element field. This is the document auto-name element name.
  7. Enter DocumentName in the Name field. This is the name text for the element.
  8. Enter Document Name in the Short Descript. field. This is a short description of the element for the auto-name.
  9. Enter STRINGVAL in the ABAP Dict Data Type field. This is the datatype of the element.
  10. Select the Properties tab.
  11. Select the Import check box.
  12. Once the element is saved, find the newly created task from the Task: Maintain screen and click Change.
  13. The Work item text field needs to have the following value: DocName: &DOCUMENTNAME&