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Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink

Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink
Foundation 23.1

From time to time, the ArchiveLink Server may encounter errors when linking documents. Because processing of BAPI requests occurs asynchronously to their submission, users submitting a BAPI request on a scan station only know that the request was successfully transmitted and contained all of the necessary data for a valid request. This does not mean that the request succeeded. For this reason, the ArchiveLink Server records all requests that have errors at processing time. To view errors, go to http://servername/virtualdirectoryname/admin/main.aspx. Example: http://machinename/archivelink/admin/login.aspx. Expand the Barcodes node and click the Barcode Documents in Error link.

Configuration and connectivity issues will be the root cause of many errors. For example, a scan queue is configured to use a document type that has no configured repository. Similar errors would result with connectivity issues between the ArchiveLink Server and the SAP R/3 system. Such errors should be rare however, as network connectivity issues will also likely block ArchiveLink Server requests as well.

Errors can be removed with the remove button, or can be allowed to process through in due course. Configuration changes do not require an ArchiveLink Server reboot for the ArchiveLink Server to refresh settings. When administration changes take place, the ArchiveLink Server will recognize that its cached settings are out of date and reload the appropriate repository or configuration settings. The next time that the BAPI pooling period has elapsed, these settings will be refreshed.

Administrators may also view the names of the Batches pending processing. Depending on the BAPI polling type, request frequency, and current errors, this table may or may not have a tendency to remain empty for much of the time. To view pending batches, go to http://servername/virtualdirectoryname/admin/login.aspx. Example: http://machinename/archivelink/admin/login.aspx. Expand the Barcodes node and click the Pending Barcode Batches link. To remove a pending batch, click the Remove button in the Action column next to the batch. Click OK to confirm the removal.

If you need to find the version of Core Services that Connector for use with SAP ArchiveLink is using, the ArchiveLink directory's web.config file has a version_num tag that is equal to the version currently installed.