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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

The Options tab contains settings that specifically affect the documents that are imported as part of the batch.

The following settings are on the Options tab:



Run Process

Enables the process format to actually process documents. The ability to deselect this option is provided to allow installers or administrators to test formats without saving documents to OnBase. This option is selected by default.

If it is not selected, the DJDE process will not import files. The Download Protocol and Preprocess functions are performed regardless of whether Run Process is selected. If the processor encounters an error within the import file, the import file is moved from its current folder to the ERROR_FILES sub-folder, even if it is marked as read-only.

Add Documents to Workflow


To use this option you must be properly licensed for Workflow.

Place processed documents into a Workflow life cycle associated with the Document Type of the imported documents.


Documents can only be added to Unity life cycles from the Core-based OnBase Client interface.

When this option is selected, the following options are available:

  • On Commit: Bring documents into a Workflow life cycle when a batch is committed.

    When using the Core-based OnBase Client interface, if one or more documents are not successfully added to a Workflow life cycle, the batch is added to the Committed queue.


    When using the Core-based OnBase Client interface, it is recommended that you always select On Commit.

    When using the classic OnBase Client interface, if one or more documents are not successfully added to a Workflow life cycle, the batch is added to the Incomplete Commit queue.

  • During Processing: Add the documents to a Workflow life cycle as they are processed.

    If errors are encountered while documents are processed, the successful part of the batch is moved to a Workflow life cycle and the unsuccessful part of the batch is moved to the Incomplete Process queue.


    Documents in the Incomplete Process queue can be viewed and retrieved by anyone with access to the queue, even if those users do not normally have rights sufficient to view and retrieve those documents in OnBase.

  • Perform System Work: Execute the configured system work for a Workflow life cycle as soon as the documents are added to a Workflow life cycle. This option is deselected by default for new processes.


If Verification Reports are configured to enter a Workflow life cycle, they will enter that Workflow life cycle regardless of the Add Documents to Workflow option setting.

Compute Page References

Generates markers throughout the DJDE documents at intervals of approximately 100KB of information. These markers speed up initial retrieval functions, but are otherwise not referenced.

When using Compute Page References, the Next Page and Previous Page toolbar buttons will scroll from one marker to the next.


The Compute Page Ref option must be selected at the Document Type level in order for this setting to be effective. For information on Document Type configuration, see the System Administration documentation.

Auto-Folder Documents

Enables documents to be automatically placed in folders upon processing. Ensure you have Auto-Foldering properly configured before selecting this option. See the Folders module reference guide for more information.

If this option is selected, Auto-Foldering is enabled by default for the process. However, it can still be disabled when a user initiates the process from the OnBase Client by deselecting the Create Auto Folder option.

Store Verification Report in Document Type Disk Group

Stores the Verification Reports for the process in the same Disk Group as the processed Document Type. The default behavior of the DJDE process is to store Verification Reports in the Disk Group assigned to the SYS - Verification Reports Document Type.

Accumulate Processing Information

Compiles the Verification Reports for this process in a daily cumulative report. This cumulative report contains information for all processes which have this option selected, and is stored as a text document in the SYS - Verification Reports Document Type.

Extract Index Information

Stores all Keyword Values extracted from the DJDE file during processing in a text file. You must also select an index extraction format from the Index Extraction Format drop-down list on the Processing tab.

If there are multiple Keyword Values for one Keyword Type, only the first value listed will be extracted.

To configure an Index Extraction Format, see Configuring Index Extraction in the System Administration documentation for more information.

Store AutoFill Keyword Set Data

Stores Keyword Values from the import file into the associated AutoFill Keyword Set.

If there is already an AutoFill Keyword Set instance containing the Primary Keyword Value from the import file, no new AutoFill Keyword Set instance will be created.

Expand AutoFill Keyword Sets

Indexes documents with values in an AutoFill Keyword Set based on a Primary Keyword Value in the import file. If the Primary Keyword Value is only associated with one AutoFill Keyword Set, that AutoFill Keyword Set will be used to index the document. If the Primary Keyword Value is associated with more than one AutoFill Keyword Set, all of the associated AutoFill Keyword Sets will be used to index the document, as well as the values in the import file.

For example, suppose A Document Type uses a social security number as the Primary Keyword Value. An existing AutoFill Keyword Set is shown below:

999-99-9999, Sara Smith, 10/10/1966

999-99-9999 is the Primary Keyword Value.

Sara Smith's maiden name was Sara Adams.

When a document is imported using a value of 999-99-9999, Sara Adams, 10/10/1966, the existing AutoFill Keyword Set is triggered by the Primary Keyword Value (999-99-9999). The document will be indexed with the values in the AutoFill Keyword Set (999-99-9999, Sara Smith, 10/10/1966).


Keyword Type-level AutoFill Keyword Sets are not supported.