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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

Keep the following points in mind when configuring a process to use FTP Download:

  • If the FTP server you are connecting to is a Unix system, the URL entered in the FTP Download field must include the full, complete path to the FTP directory where the import file resides. This path must include all levels of the FTP server's file structure, which may not be the path you typically use to access the directory.

    For example, you want to direct the processor to a folder named Import\ which you normally access by navigating to \\ftp:\MainCampus\:21\\Hastings\Pending\Index/. However, the complete path required by the processor in the FTP Download field would actually be \\ftp:\MainCampus\:21\\data\Employees\Accounting\Hastings\Pending\Import/. The first, shorter path begins in the employee's personal directory, while the complete path begins at the root directory level of the server.


    Depending on the FTP server you are connecting to, the syntax of your FTP server's URL may be different.

  • With the FTP Download protocol selected, the Default Directory is the directory to which the import files are downloaded for processing, after it is accessed from the path specified in the FTP Download field.

  • If the process is configured to delete import files after processing is complete, only the locally downloaded copy of the import file is deleted, not the original file which resides on the FTP server.

  • To use the FTP Download option, the build-specific mzftp.dll file must be installed in the OnBase root directory. This DLL requires the wininet.dll file, which is typically installed with Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher.

  • The FTP password is only encrypted if you select Version 18 or later from the Version Compatibility drop-down select menu in the Cryptography Settings dialog box. See the System Administration module reference guide for more information on encrypting information in OnBase.