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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

With the No Download protocol selected, files on an FTP server can still be accessed by entering the full UNC path in the Default Directory field.


Although DJDE is capable of processing files over FTP using No Download, it is not recommended. If possible, use the FTP Download option instead.

If you are entering a UNC path in the Default Directory field to access an FTP server, ensure the format of the UNC path is correct. DJDE supports connections to FTP servers that require a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) as well as connections that do not require a FQDN.

To connect to a FTP server that requires a FQDN, enter \\ftp:\<password>\\ftpserver\:21\\ftpdirectory\ in the Default Directory field; where and <password> are the appropriate login credentials, ftpserver is the name or IP address of the FTP server, and ftpdirectory is the full, complete path to the FTP directory where the import file resides. This path must include all levels of the FTP server's file structure, which may not be the path you typically use to access the directory.

For example, suppose you want to direct the processor to a folder named Import\ which you normally access by navigating to \\ftp:\MainCampus\:21\\Hastings\Pending\Import\. However, the complete path required by the processor would actually be \\ftp:\MainCampus\:21\\data\Employees\Accounting\Hastings\Pending\Import\. The first, shorter path begins in the employee's personal directory, while the complete path begins at the root directory level of the server.


Depending on the FTP server you are connecting to, the syntax of your FTP server's URL may be different.

For security reasons, the password entered in the Default Directory field is displayed as <pwd> the next time the Process Settings dialog box is opened.


Though the password is hidden from view, it is not encrypted. For password encryption, you must use the FTP Download option.

If any changes are made to the Default Directory field, you must re-enter the password, overwriting the <pwd> placeholder.


When using FTP with the No Download option selected, preprocessors do not function properly unless they were created with the ability to access files via FTP.