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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

The Processing tab also contains the following options.



Disk Group

Select a Disk Group to which to save imported documents in a batch. A Disk Group must be selected to save the process format.

Language Conversion

Select the language associated with the ASCII code page that created the import file.


This setting is only used for legacy language conversions. The option <NO CONVERSION> should be selected when configuring process settings.


Select the type of compression used during processing. The following are the available options in the drop-down list:

  • Workstation Specified

  • None

  • Standard

  • International


The Compression option works in conjunction with the onbase32.ini file CompressMode setting. Refer to the INI Settings module reference guide for more information about the available compression options.

The following are character coding compression exceptions:

  • Files encoded as UTF-16 LE or UTF-16 BE do not support compression. If a process set to use Standard or International compression encounters a UTF-16 encoded file, it is automatically not compressed.

  • Files encoded as UTF-8 only support International compression option or no compression. If a process set to use Standard compression encounters a UTF-8 encoded file, it is automatically compressed using International compression.

Index Extraction Format

Select the extraction format used to extract Keyword Values from the imported files. This setting is used in conjunction with the Extract Index Information setting in the Options tab.

This index information can be imported into third-party programs or used as data for an AutoFill Keyword Set for related documents. In order to extract index information, your system must use a properly configured index extraction format.

To configure an Index Extraction Format, see Configuring Index Extraction in the System Administration documentation for more information.

Secondary Format

Select the secondary format to use after the initial COLD process finishes processing. This allows for the same import file to be processed multiple times.