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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

In order for the DJDE processor to identify and process Keyword Values from the documents being imported into OnBase, you must define Keyword Ranges and/or Tag Ranges for the sample document.

A Keyword Range is the area of the sample document in which a particular Keyword Value can always be found for the Document Type.

A Tag Range is the area of the sample document in which a tag, a text string that always precedes a Keyword Value, can always be found for the Document Type.

To define a Keyword Range or a Tag Range:

  1. Highlight the Keyword Types branch in the Visual Configuration window.

    Ensure that the Keyword Type branch highlighted belongs to the correct Document Type before proceeding.

  2. Drag the mouse over the value on the displayed page that corresponds to the Keyword Type to be identified by the DJDE Processor.
  3. Right-click on the selected area and select Add Keyword Range.
  4. The Select Keyword Type dialog box is displayed. Highlight the selected Keyword Type and select Save. The selected Keyword Type appears immediately below the Keyword Type branch, along with the TOP, BOTTOM, RIGHT, and LEFT coordinates of the Keyword Type on the displayed page.
  5. Double-click the [VALIDATION] branch, immediately below the identified Keyword Type, to toggle between YES and NO.
  6. You can strip characters from the string if it contains excess characters that you do not want to store as part of the Keyword Value. Click the [Process] branch to display the Process Field dialog box and select one of the character stripping options:
    • Keep All Characters - Retains all characters of the string for the Keyword Value. This is the default value.

    • Strip Spaces- Removes all spaces from the string for the Keyword Value.

    • Strip Character- Removes a specific character from the string for the Keyword Value. Enter the character to be stripped in the text field.

    • Strip...Chars from Beginning or Strip...Chars from End - Removes a certain number of characters from the beginning or end of the string. Enter the number of characters you want to remove from the string in the text field.

  7. For Date or Currency Keyword Types, double-click the [FORMAT] branch to correctly format the Keyword Value. See Date Formatting for details. For Currency Keywords, see Currency Formatting Options.
  8. For any Type that is a Page-Based Keyword or a Page-Based Tag, format the Keyword value to indicate the page on which to look.
    1. Select the Keyword Type field and click Format.
      • The Page-Based Keyword Configuration dialog box is displayed. In the Page Number field, type the page number on which to find the value.

      • If the Keyword selected was both Page-Based Type and a Currency or Date Data Type, the Currency or Date Format dialog box will include the Page Number field.

      • Click Save to save format changes and exit the formatting dialog box.

  9. Repeat these steps to define additional Keyword Types or any Keyword Type tags. Select Add Tag Range instead of Add Keyword Range when the tag string is selected.

    If you have selected an overlay for the DJDE file, the right-click option Show Form Name will display the name of the overlay.


    For Keyword Types that need to be picked up from more than one page, select Add Keyword Page Range.


    When you click on a configured Keyword Type in the left pane, the area you configured will show as a yellow highlight in the right pane. This will let you see if you configured the Keyword Type correctly and make the proper adjustments. Tag Keyword Types will display three rectangles. The tag range will display in yellow. The tag name and Keyword Type will both display in green.


    When configuring form documents in Visual DJDE, only black text can be configured as Keyword Types. Any gray text is form text, which cannot be used as a Keyword Type. This functionality is only present in Visual Configuration. When viewing documents, the text will appear uniform black.