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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1
  • For performance reasons, it is considered a best practice to limit the number of import files processed per process; if possible, it is recommended that one import file be processed per process.

    However, keep in mind that each file being processed will consume an amount of memory on the workstation equal to the size of the file being processed. Therefore, you should always ensure that your processing workstation has enough memory to process your files before running the process.

  • It is considered a best practice to use unique file names when generating an import file - for example, you could use a timestamp to ensure each file generated is unique.

  • It is considered a best practice to configure the file name in the Default File Name field be as restrictive as possible. You should enter as much of the file name as possible to ensure the processor does not attempt to process any other documents in the folder identified in the Default Directory field.