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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

Documents that have been imported via the DJDE processor should be periodically checked to ensure that the processes are configured accurately. It is important to not only review the Verification Reports, but to examine the processed documents, review their Keyword Values and visually inspect all pages.


It is considered a best practice to randomly review documents and Keyword Values at least every few weeks to ensure that there are no issues preventing new documents from being processed correctly.

To check the documents for accuracy:

  1. Open the batch by double-clicking on it in the appropriate queue or the Document Retrieval screen. A list of the documents residing in the batch is displayed.
  2. Double-click on any document to view it.
  3. To review a document's Keyword Values:
    • Right-click on the document in the results list and select Keywords.

    • Right-click an open document and select Keywords.

    The Add/Modify Keywords dialog box is displayed.
  4. Examine the Keyword Values. If they do not exist or are not accurate, enter the correct value(s) in the appropriate text field and click Save.
  5. Review the DJDE process format that was used to import the documents to ensure all Keyword Types are configured correctly.