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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

Configuration Reports detail the exact configuration of items in OnBase. With this information, troubleshooting and communications with support are greatly improved. Additionally, Configuration Reports are stored in OnBase, so there is a historical record of the structure of your OnBase solution.

To run a Configuration Report:

  • From the OnBase Configuration module, click Report and select one of the menu options (Document Type Groups, Document Types, Keyword Types, and so on) to generate a report for that item.

    Selecting Run All Reports will generate all reports. Reports are stored in OnBase as SYS - Configuration Reports documents and can be retrieved and viewed in the OnBase Client.

Whenever new items are created or a process is changed, a Configuration Report should be run. New Configuration Reports should be generated after a process is created or changed, or when any Disk Groups, Document Type Groups, Document Types or Keyword Types are create or modified.