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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

Unidentified items residing in batches imported via the DJDE processor should be examined when they are created. It is vital to determine the cause of any errors and correct them because it is possible that the unidentified items may be important documents.

To review all SYS Unidentified Items in OnBase:

  1. From the OnBase Client, click File | Open | Retrieve Document or click the Retrieve Documents button on the toolbar.
    The Document Retrieval window is displayed.
  2. Select the System Documents Document Type Group and select the SYS Unidentified Items Document Type.
  3. Click Find. Ideally, no documents should exist.
    If documents are found, view them to verify that they are actual documents. Occasionally, extra form feeds or extraneous characters may be separated and stored as unique documents. If the item is an actual unidentified document, the process used may need to be modified.

To determine which batch the document belongs to, right-click the document in the results and select Properties, or right-click on the open document and select Properties. The Document Information for Document Handle dialog box is displayed; the batch number of the document is shown in this dialog box.

Once the Batch Number is determined, the process format used to import the document and the queue in which the batch resides in can be determined.