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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

Documents that are imported via DJDE can be added to a Workflow process. The Workflow process that the document enters is determined by the Life Cycle(s) assigned to the Document Type. To add a document to a Life Cycle, from the OnBase Configuration module, select Document | Document Types, and then click Lifecycles.

Additionally, the DJDE process must be configured to either add the documents to Workflow either after processing or when the batch is committed. The point at which documents enter the Workflow is configured on the Options tab of the Processing Settings for: <Process Name> dialog box.

Select the Add Documents to Workflow check box and the radio button that corresponds to the time when you would like the documents to enter Workflow.

Document Types that are not assigned to a Life Cycle are not affected by this option.


Be aware that if any additional processing or tasks that are configured to occur when the documents are added to the Life Cycle, the processing workstation will take on this workload if the During Processing option is selected. If the On Commit option is selected, the workstation that commits the batch is responsible for this workload.