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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

Verification Reports can help you detect if Keyword Types configured for a process or Keyword Values identified by process are valid.

Warning: Invalid Keyword Amount: ‘5,123.00'

This error indicates that the currency format for the Amount Keyword Type was not configured correctly. To fix this error, modify the process format's configuration so that the currency Keyword Type is correctly formatted.

The following record cannot be archived, errors in required field below.

This error identifies that there is an issue with the process format's configuration and helps you identify the area of the configuration that needs to be reviewed.

Warning: Keyword <Keyword Type> (<Keyword Number>) is too long and will be truncated from <Keyword Value> to <Truncated Keyword Value>.

This error indicates that the Keyword Value identified by the DJDE processor exceeds the maximum Keyword Value length of the Keyword Type to which it belongs.

For example, if the a Keyword Type was configured to have a maximum length of 3 characters and the Keyword Value identified by the DJDE processor was abcdefg, then the Keyword Value would be truncated to abc when imported into OnBase.

By viewing the Verification Report, this error can be detected and corrected.