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DJDE Input Filter

DJDE Input Filter
Foundation 22.1

After the process has run, a new batch is displayed in the Awaiting Commit queue. This batch must be verified to ensure that the process ran successfully and that no errors were generated. To verify the batch:

  1. Select the Awaiting Commit queue on the left side. On the right side, select the newly created batch. Right-click and select View Verification Report.

    When viewing the batch from the Awaiting Commit queue, all documents contained in the batch are listed, even those that the user does not have rights to view. However, a user may only work with (i.e., view, view Keyword Values, print, delete, etc.) the documents in the batch that he/she has rights to.

    The Verification Report displays information on the process, including what was processed, the length of time, the format run, the documents found, any errors generated, and the total number of pages and documents processed.
    It is important to look for any errors that have occurred. Additionally, the number of unidentified documents should be zero. If this is not the case, the unidentified items must be viewed. The process may need to be modified to accommodate these items.
  2. Examine the documents.
    Once the Verification Report has been viewed, the documents in the batch can also be examined. Double-clicking on the batch will display all the documents in the batch, and double-clicking on a document opens it in the Document Viewer.

    In any process that includes a date, Windows Regional Settings can affect date formatting. If the date or date and time Keyword Types are not being populated correctly, the Keyword Type may be configured incorrectly for your Regional Settings. The correct format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. This format will work regardless of what the Regional Settings are.

  3. View the Keyword Values associated with the documents in the batch.
    To verify the Keyword Values associated with a document in the batch, right-click on the document and select Keywords. The Add/Modify Keywords dialog box is displayed; view the Keyword Values displayed in this dialog box to ensure that they match the document.
    Additionally, depending on the Document Type's configuration, the auto-name string, or the name of the document displayed in the results list, may contain one or more of the Keyword Values associated with the document. If these Keyword Values are missing or are displayed incorrectly, the process may need to be reconfigured.