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Data Capture Server Deployment Guide

Data Capture Server
Foundation 22.1

The default database connection method for OnBase servers and applications requires ADO.NET connection strings. An ODBC connection is still required for the OnBase Client and the OnBase Configuration module.

A connection string contains the information required to connect to a database, and each connection string has a unique identifying name for that data source connection. This unique data source name is referenced by other applications to connect to the database configured in the connection string.

Data source connection strings are configured in the configuration file of the application used to connect directly to the database. For example, the connectionStrings element in the Application Server web.config file contains a data source connection string for each database that the Application Server accesses. Other applications using the Application Server, such as the Unity Client or Web Server, access the database by referencing the unique data source name from the relevant connection string.

This section includes the following information for connection strings: