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Data Capture Server Deployment Guide

Data Capture Server
Foundation 22.1

Various OnBase modules (for example, Intelligent Capture for AP, Advanced Capture, Full-Page OCR, and Automated Redaction) use the Hyland OCR Engine as their recognition package.

The Hyland OCR Engine (version 21.00 or later) is required for these modules. This software is included with the purchase of these modules, and it is available from your OnBase solution provider. It does not require separate licensing or registration.


Even when older versions of the Hyland OCR Engine are supported, it is highly recommended that you use the most recent version with your solution.

When deploying the OCR engine on the Data Capture Server, the 64-bit version must be used.

With this in mind, note that the modules and functionalities that use the Hyland OCR Engine can reside in the following platforms:

  • OnBase Client only: Advanced Capture and Automated Redaction.

  • Data Capture Server only: Intelligent Capture for AP and Interactive Data Capture.

  • Either: Full-Page OCR (batch or ad hoc).