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Data Capture Server Deployment Guide

Data Capture Server
Foundation 22.1

System administrators can perform load balancing of the Data Capture Server batch products across multiple workstations by assigning specific numbers of Units to each workstation. This allocation of Units is performed in the Products Registered for Workstation dialog box in the OnBase Client.


If an intended workstation has been registered in the OnBase system, an administrator can assign Units from any workstation connecting to OnBase. If an intended workstation has not yet been registered to OnBase, starting or restarting the Data Capture Server Windows Service from that workstation automatically registers the workstation for one Unit of the unregistered licensed Data Capture Server product. If additional Units are required, the administrator can allocate the Units from the OnBase Client on any workstation connecting to OnBase.


For general information on workstation registration, see the Workstation Registration section of the module reference guide or help files for your specific Data Capture Server product.

To assign Units to a workstation:

  1. In the Products Registered for Workstation dialog box, ensure that the desired workstation is selected and that the appropriate Data Capture Server batch license (i.e., Full-Page OCR) is registered to the workstation. If the license is not already registered to the workstation, select it from the Products Registered drop-down list.
  2. Once the appropriate license is selected, a Units field is displayed between the Register and Revoke buttons.
  3. In the Units field, enter or use the arrow keys to select the desired number of Units. Notice that this number is subtracted from the number of available units displayed below the field.
  4. Click Register to assign the selected number of Units to the workstation.