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Data Capture Server Deployment Guide

Data Capture Server
Foundation 23.1

<BarCodeRecognitionSettings> Attributes



This option controls whether bar code processing is allowed on the workstation.

When this setting is set to true, the Data Capture Server Windows Service automatically polls the Awaiting Bar Code Processing queue at regular intervals and processes any documents there.

By default, this setting is set to false. If the OnBase environment has the appropriate licensing and software installed for bar code processing but this setting is set to false, this instance of the Data Capture Server will not activate its bar code processor.


This option sets the number of documents that can undergo bar code processing simultaneously on the Data Capture Server.

For example, if ConcurrentCount="2", then bar code processing can be performed on up to two documents at the same time.

By default, this setting is set to 0, which sets the number of concurrent documents equal to the half of the number of CPU cores in the workstation, including hyper-threading. For virtual environments, this value is the number of cores assigned to the client VM, not the host machine.


Setting this value to more than double the number of CPU cores available may cause performance degradation due to over-saturation of available resources.


This option controls whether the workstation is limited to processing batches only in specific scan queues for bar code processing. This function can be used to load-balance bar code processing scan queues to specific workstations.

By default, this setting is set to false, which allows the Data Capture Server to process batches in all scan queues enabled for bar code processing. If this setting is set to true, the specific scan queues to be processed must be specified in the WorkstationSpecificScanQueueID setting.


If this setting is set to true but no scan queues are specified in the WorkstationSpecificScanQueueID setting, the Data Capture Server will ignore all scan queues enabled for bar code processing and processing will not be performed.



This setting is only respected if the ProcessSpecificScanQueuesOnWorkstation setting is set to true.

This option sets the ID values of the scan queues that are allowed to be processed for bar codes. This option can be set to multiple values separated by vertical bars (" | ").

To specify the scan queues that can be used for processing, set the WorkstationSpecificScanQueueID setting to the ID values of the appropriate scan queues (e.g., WorkstationSpecificScanQueueID="101|103|205").


This setting specifies the file path of the text file containing the logging information for bar code processing. By default, this setting is blank and no log files are created.


It is recommended that this option is left blank unless you are troubleshooting. When you specify a LogDirectory, log files are created and bar code processing may take considerably longer to run.