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Data Capture Server Deployment Guide

Data Capture Server
Foundation 23.1

Multiple Data Capture Servers can be used in a single OnBase environment for batch processing. For instance, separate workstations that connect to the same OnBase database can each potentially have a Data Capture Server installed. Multiple Data Capture Servers can be configured in coordination with the allocation of Units by workstation for OCR processing as an additional/alternative method of load balancing.

When multiple Data Capture Server Windows Services are running, a single service gathers and processes batches until all of its OCR worker threads are filled. A second service then starts gathering and processing batches. If all Data Capture Server Windows Services are stopped, whichever service is started first will begin processing batches. If only one service is stopped, batches remain locked in the <Capture Product Name> In Progress batch status queue until the service that was processing the batch is restarted. Furthermore, all batches in an In Progress queue are processed before batches in the Awaiting <Capture Product Name> queues are processed.

For more information on these batch status queues, see the Document Imaging module reference guide or help files.