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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

To configure a database query in OnBase, launch the Configuration module and select Custom Queries from the Queries menu.

  1. At the Custom Query dialog box, enter the name of a new Custom Query and click Create, or select an existing Custom Query from the list and click Settings.
  2. At the Custom Query Options dialog box, select Custom Written SQL, then click Edit SQL. The Customized Custom Query dialog box is displayed, allowing the user to set the database query options.
  3. In the From Clause field, enter a comma-separated list of the table names to use in the query (table aliases are not supported for the itemdata table). The itemdata table must be the first table in the list.
  4. In the Where Clause field, enter the specific search criteria for the query. This can include joins to tables given in the From Clause, as well as specific column values for the table.
  5. In the Order By Clause field, enter the criteria that defines the sort order of the results, such as datestored (date stored), or [column name] asc (ascending), or [column name] desc (descending), where [column name] is the column used for sorting.
    Note: For more information on Custom Queries, see Configuring Custom Queries in the Configuration module help files or the System Administration module reference guide.