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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The DISKGROUP table stores a record for every configured OnBase Disk Group. The table can be joined with the ITEMDATAPAGE table to get the name (diskgroupname) of the Disk Group for a particular document. The ITEMDATAPAGE table is located in DBSpace10.

DISKGROUP Table Values
Columnb Name Data Type Description
diskgroupnum bigint The unique identifier of the Disk Group.
diskgroupname char(21) The name of the Disk Group.
currentdirectory bigint  
diskgrouptype bigint  
diskthreshold bigint  
filesindirectory bigint  
filesperdirectory bigint  
lifespan bigint  
numberofbackups bigint  
ucautopromotespace bigint  
autopromotespace bigint  
lastlogicalplatter bigint The current volume for the Disk Group.
cachepath char(70)  
lpnumsyscache bigint  
cachelpnum bigint  
lpcachethreshold bigint  
formatnum bigint  
commitedlp bigint  
numberofexports bigint  
prepathed bigint  
exportmgrnum bigint  
adminusernum bigint  
retentionyears bigint  
flags bigint  
DISKGROUP table index
Index Name Included Columns
diskgroup1 diskgroupnum