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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The DOCTYPE table stores a record for every configured OnBase Document Type. This parent table can be joined with the ITEMDATA table to get the name of the Document Type (itemtypename) for a particular document. The DOCTYPE table is located in DBSpace8.

DOCTYPE table columns
Column Name Data Type Description
itemtypenum bigint The unique identifier of the Document Type.
itemtypename char(66) The name of the Document Type.
itrevnum bigint  
itemtypegroupnum bigint  
filetypenum bigint  
compressfile bigint  
autonamestring char(150)  
inuse bigint  
diskgroupnum bigint  
displaythumbs bigint  
numrows bigint  
isdocrevisionable bigint  
docsourceflag bigint  
imagewindowflags bigint  
uiflags bigint  
itemtypeflags bigint  
revisablebyinst bigint  

The indexes for the DOCTYPE table are located in DBSpace8.

DOCTYPE table indexes
Index Name Indexed Columns
doctype1 itemtypenum
doctype2 itemtypename