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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The ITEMDATA table is the core of an OnBase system. Every document in the system has one row in the ITEMDATA table. The primary key on this table is itemnum, which is the unique identifier for every document in the system. The itemnum of a document is linked to many other pieces of information about that document. The ITEMDATA table is located in DBSpace2.

Column Name Data Type Description
itemnum bigint The Document Handle, which is the unique identifier for a document in OnBase.
itemname char(255) The Auto-Name string of a document.
batchnum bigint The process batch to which the document belongs.
status bigint The current status of the document in the system. The possible values are:
  • 0 - Indexed (available for retrieval)
  • 1 - Awaiting Index
  • 16 - Deleted
itemtypegroupnum bigint The Document Type Group to which the document belongs.
itemtypenum bigint The Document Type of the document.
itrevnum bigint  
itemdate datetime The Document Date of the document.
datestored datetime The date the document was added to the system.
usernum bigint  
deleteuserunm bigint  
securityvalue bigint  
doctracenumber char(20)  
institution bigint  
maxdocrev bigint  

The indexes for the ITEMDATA table a re located in DBSpace2i.

Index Name Included Columns
itemdata9 itemnum, itemdate (desc), itemtypenum, status
itemdata10 Itemtypenum, itemdate (desc), status
itemdata13 batchnum, itemnum, status