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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The ITEMDATAPAGE table holds records for every document page stored in the OnBase Disk Groups. For example, if a 50-page document is scanned into the system, there are 50 ITEMDATAPAGE records in the table. If a 50-page COLD document is processed into the system, however, there is only one ITEMDATAPAGE record. A COLD process may process many files, but the pages for any one COLD document only span one file no matter how many pages there are for the document. When scanning in OnBase, each page is stored as a separate file (single-page TIFF). There is at least one ITEMDATAPAGE record for every ITEMDATA record.

Note: Virtual Electronic Forms have an ITEMDATAPAGE record, but the filepath is blank.
The ITEMDATAPAGE table is located in DBSpace9.
Column Name Data Type Description
filetypenum bigint The file type of the current document (cross-referenced to the FILETYPE table).
docrevnum bigint The number of revisions to the document (zero-based).
itempagenum bigint The page number of the current document.
itemnum bigint Links itemdatapage to the ITEMDATA table.
batchnum bigint The ID of the Disk Group in which the file exists.
diskgroupnum bigint The number of the volume in which the file exists.
logicalplatternum bigint The file path to the document.
filepath char(80)  
filesize bigint  
compressfile bigint  
numbernotes bigint  
numberpages bigint  
physicalpagenum bigint  
numberlines bigint  
offset bigint  
deleteusernum bigint  
imagetype bigint  
imageoffsettype bigint  
numexceptions bigint  
xdpi bigint  
ydpi bigint  
The indexes for the ITEMDATAPAGE table are located in DBSpace9i.
Index Name Indexed Columns
itemdatapage1 itemnum, itempagenum, docrevnum, filetypenum
itemdatapage2 batchnum
itemdatapage4 diskgroupnum, logicalplatternum, filepath