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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

This table contains the current representation of documents in Workflow Legacy Queues. ITEMLC and WORKITEMLC are constantly updated as work items are routed between different queues. As such, this table does not provide information on the location of a document at a past (historical) point in time; the WFLOG table provides such data.

Every document that exists in Workflow Legacy Life Cycles has a record in the ITEMLC table. ITEMLC stores a row for every instance of a document appearing in a Legacy Life Cycle. If a document exists in four different Legacy Life Cycles, there are four rows in the ITEMLC table. The ITEMLC table is located in DBSpace1. (A document can exist in Unity Life Cycles as well as Legacy Life Cycles; but those in Unity Life Cycles are represented in table WORKITEMLC).

ITEMLC (Legacy Life Cycles) Table Values
Column Name Data Type Description
lcnum bigint The unique identifier of the Legacy Life Cycle in which the document resides.
itemnum bigint The Document Handle, which is the unique identifier for a document in OnBase.
statenum bigint The unique identifier of the Legacy Queue in which the document resides.
foldernum bigint  
transdate datetime  
transitnum bigint  
usernum bigint  
assignedtogroup bigint  
assignedtouser bigint  
status bigint Lists whether the document has been deleted (16 = deleted, 0 = not deleted).

The indexes for the ITEMLC table are located in DBSpace1.

ITEMLC (Legacy Life Cycles) Table Indexes
Index Name Included Columns
itemlc3 itemnum, lcnum, statenum, status
itemlc4 statenum, status, itemnum
itemlc5 statenum, status, transdate, itemnum
itemlc6 statenum, itemnum
itemlc7 statenum, transdate, itemnum