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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The KEYTYPETABLE has one entry for every Keyword that exists in the system. This table is not typically one of the main, driving tables in a query, but rather one that can be joined against to obtain Keyword Type information for a document or Document Type. The KEYTYPETABLE table is located in DBSpace8.

Column Name Data Type Description
keytypenum bigint The unique identifier for each Keyword Type.
keytype char(51) The unique name for each Keyword Type.
keytypemask char(51)  
keytypeflags bigint  
datatype bigint The data type of the Keyword Type (e.g., char, datetime).
keytypelen bigint Length of an Alphanumeric Keyword Type (will be 0 for non-Alphanumeric data types).
compositeflag bigint  
badprimarykey bigint  
numrows bigint  
numrefs bigint  
disttype bigint  
staticstring char(151)  
dropdownset bigint  
keywordsetnum bigint  
lockkeys bigint  
keytypeflags2 bigint  
columnwidth bigint  
dateformat bigint  
dateseparator bigint  
currencyformatnum bigint The currency format applied to any currency Keyword Type (cross-referenced to CURRENCYFORMAT table).
mulkeysetablenum bigint  
securitymask char(51)  

The indexes for the KEYTYPETABLE table are located in DBSpace8.

Index Name Included Columns
keytypetable1 keytypenum, keytype
keytypetable2 keytype