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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The PHYSICIANINFO table stores information related to configured physician user accounts. The PHYSICIANINFO table is located in DBSpace8.

Column Name Data Type Description
usernum bigint

The internal unique identifier of the user account; a foreign key to the USERACCOUNT table.

fullphysname char(50) The physician’s full name.
physnumber char(20) The configured physician number.
upinn char(20) Not implemented.
statelicnumber char(20)

The number of the state license associated with the physician.

address1 char(80)

Physician’s address.

address2 char(80) Physician’s address.
email char(80) Physician’s email address.
faxnum char(30) Physician’s fax number.
signphysname char(50) The physician’s name as displayed on signature deficiencies.
flags bigint

Flags related to physician settings; 1 = Secondary Signer.

defdisplaysec bigint

The number of seconds a deficiency is displayed in slideshow (auto play) mode.

physspecialty char(50) Physician specialty information from an external system.
onhold bigint

Flag to determine if the physician is on hold; 1 = On Hold.

lastpolltime datetime

Used for external integrations to store the last time the physician’s deficiencies were polled.

mtprovmnemonic char(15) The Meditech provider mnemonic for the physician.
provspecialtynum bigint

The internal unique identifier used to associate the physician with a specialty; a foreign key to the PROVIDERSPECIALTY table.

lastname char(50)

The physician’s last name.

firstname char(50) The physician’s first name.
middlename char(50) The physician’s middle name.
nameprefix char(10) The prefix of the physician’s name.
namesuffix char(50) The suffix of the physician’s name.
physdegree char(50) The physician’s academic degree.

The indexes for the COMPLETEDCHTDFCY table are located in DBSpace8.

Index Name Included columns
physicianinfo1 usernum