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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The RMCLASS table contains one row for each Class created within WorkView. The RMCLASS table is located in the Primary database file.

RMCLASS Table Values
Column Name Data Type Data Length Description
classID bigint 8 Unique identifier of the WorkView Class.
className char 255 Name of the WorkView Class.
displayName char 255 Display name of the WorkView Class.
storeRevisions bigint 8  
fAllowDirectCreate bigint 8  
objNamePattern char 255  
dynamicObjectNames bigint 8  
bTrackChanges bigint 8  
bTrackMemoChanges bigint 8  
itemtypenum bigint 8  
eventScriptID bigint 8  
extendsClassID bigint 8  
flags bigint 8  
ODBCSorceName varchar 101  
ODBCUserName varchar 128  
ODBCPassword varchar 128  
extTableName varchar 101  
bCacheODBC bigint 8  
LinkedServerName varchar 101  
LinkedServerDBName varchar 61  
Description varchar 1024  
bMismatchedIds bigint 8  
defaultFilterID bigint 8  

The index for the RMCLASS table is located in the Primary database file and is a clustered index.

RMCLASS Table Index
Index Name Included Columns
rmClass_pk classID (primary key)