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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The RMOBJECT table contains one row for every object that is created in WorkView. The RMOBJECT table is located in the Primary database file.

RMOBJECT Table Values
Column Name Data Type Data Length Description
objectID bigint 8 Unique identifier of the WorkView object.
objectName char 255 Name of the WorkView object.
parentObjectID bigint 8  
classID bigint 8 The class to which the object belongs (cross-references to RMCLASS).
createdBy char 30 The user who created the WorkView object.
createdDate datetime 8 Date the WorkView object was created.
writeStatus bigint 8  
statusID bigint 8  
activeStatus bigint 8 0 = active, 1 = inactive, 2 = deleted.

The index for the RMOBJECT table is located in the Primary database file and is a clustered index.

RMOBJECT Table Index
Index Name Included Columns
rmObject_pk objectID (primary key)