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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The ROIREQUESTITEMS table stores all documents and external items added to a given request.

Column Name Data Type Data Length Description
roirequestnum bigint 8 Request the item belongs to.
Itemnum bigint 8 References an OnBase document ID or an External Item ID.
docrevnmum bigint 8 Document revision to release.
filetypenum bigint 8 Document rendition to release.
clerkusernum bigint 8 User adding an item to request.
dateadded datetime 8 Date/time when the item was added to the request.
flags bigint 8

Bit field for item settings. Current values are:

flag_bill = 0x0001 // Signifies this item is the request's bill

flag_remit = 0x0002 // Signifies this item is the request's remittance

flag_patient = 0x0004 // Signifies this item is a patient-level document (MRMS only)

flag_rejection_letter = 0x0008 // Signifies this item is the rejection letter for the request

Chtnum bigint 8 Chart the document belongs to.
printitemnum bigint 8 Copied document to release.
printitemname char 255 Item name used for release.
roiquantity bigint 8 Quantity of an external item in the request.
seqnum bigint 8 Determines the printing order of documents within a request.
manuallyentered bigint 8

Stores information if the document overrides any request type settings. Current values are:

0 – document added automatically with the rest of the chart

1 – document added manually which overrides request type setting

pagecount bigint 8 Number of pages being released.
excludedpages text 16

Page range of pages to exclude in the ROI packet.

NOTE: The default value of this field can remain null for existing records

mpinum bigint 8 Foreign key to MSTRPTINDEX table.
mrnum bigint 8 Foreign key to MEDREC table.

The indexes for ROIREQUESTITEMS table are located in DBSpace1.

Index Name Indexed Columns
roirequestitems1 roirequestnum