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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

The USERACCOUNT table contains a record for every OnBase user and can be used to obtain the user name for a transaction logged in any of the logging tables (e.g., TRANSACTIONXLOG, SCANNINGLOG). The USERACCOUNT table is located in DBSpace8.

Column Name Data Type Description
usernum bigint The unique identifier for each OnBase user.
username char(75) The user’s name (text).
defaultdate bigint  
disablelogin bigint  
institution bigint  
mainframeupdate bigint  
networkid char(13)  
obrefresh bigint  
usercode char(5)  
userpassword char(20)  
userpref1 bigint  
userpref2 bigint  
autodisplaywin bigint  
helpwindowtype bigint  
helpwindowloc bigint  
badlogincount bigint  
encryptedpassword char(40)  
lastlogon datetime  
lastpwchange datetime  
defprintformatnum bigint  
realname char(40)  
licenseflag bigint  
longusercode char(20)  
longpassword char(20)  
primaryusergroup bigint  
userpref3 bigint  
defprocessdate bigint  
qapercent bigint  
emailaddress char(255)  
phonenumber char(32)  
cellnumber char(15)  
lockouttime datetime  
lockoutreason bigint  
usertype bigint  
pinhash char(40)  
pinlastchanged datetime  
pinlastentered datetime  
badpincount bigint  

The indexes for the USERACCOUNT table are located in DBSpace8.

USERACCOUNT table indexes.
Index Name Included Columns
useraccount1 username
useraccount2 usernum