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Database Reporting Guide

Database Reporting Guide
Foundation 23.1

Every active work item that exists in Workflow Unity Life Cycles has a record in the WORKITEMLC table. WORKITEMLC stores a row for every instance of a work item (not necessarily a document) appearing in a Unity Life Cycle. (For example, if a work item resides in four different Unity Life Cycles, there are four rows in the WORKITEMLC table.) The WORKITEMLC table is located in DBSpace1. (A document work item can exist in Legacy Life Cycles as well as Unity Life Cycles, but the Legacy Life Cycles are represented in a different table, ITEMLC. Non-document work items can only exist in Unity Life Cycles).

WORKITEMLC (Unity Life Cycles) Table Values
Column Name Data Type Description
lcnum bigint The unique identifier of the Unity Life Cycle in which the Work Item resides.
statenum bigint The unique identifier of the Unity Queue in which the Work Item resides.
contentnum bigint ID of work item. contentnum may not be unique for a given contenttype; if contentnum is not unique then the combination contentnum + contentclassnum is unique. For documents contentnum is unique; it is the doc handle.
wfcontenttype bigint Enumeration of content type. Document = 1, Folder = 2, WorkviewItem = 3.
transdate datetime  
priority bigint  
versionid bigint  
ownernum bigint  
ownedstatus bigint  
ownedsince datetime  
lastupdated datetime  
flags bigint  
contentclassnum bigint

ID of work item class. Only needed if contentnum is not unique for a given contenttype; in those cases the unique identifier is contentnum + contentclassnum.

For documents, contentnum is unique so contentclassnum is zero. For WorkView items contentnum is not unique, so contentclassnum is the WorkView class ID.

The indexes for the WORKITEMLC table are located in DBSpace1

WORKITEMLC Table indexes
Index Name Included Columns
workitemlc7 contentnum, contentclassnum, lcnum, statenum, wfcontenttype
workitemlc8 statenum, contentnum, contentclassnum, wfcontenttype
workitemlc9 statenum, transdate, contentnum, contentclassnum, wfcontenttype
workitemlc10 ownedstatus, statenum, contentnum, contentclassnum, wfcontenttype
workitemlc11 ownernum, statenum, contentnum, contentclassnum, wfcontenttype