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Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console

Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console
Foundation 23.1

Routes can be configured to write logs to separate external .json files. These files can later be opened for viewing in the Diagnostics Console or in a text editor such as Notepad.

To configure logs to be written to files in the .config file of the application:

  1. Open the .config file.
  2. Locate the Hyland.Logging section of the file.
  3. In Route sub-section for the diagnostics route you want to configure, enter the following tag:
    <add key="File" value="FILEPATH"/>

    For FILEPATH, enter the full file path for the log file, including the name of the file you want the log to be saved as. This file must be a .json file. For example, <add key="File" value="C:\Users\jsmith\Desktop\log.json" /> would write the logs to a log.json in that directory.

  4. Save the file and restart the application.