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Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console

Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console
Foundation 23.1

The Diagnostics Service and the Diagnostics Console offer multiple methods for logging OnBase messages.

  • The Diagnostics Service can run on a server to log messages occurring on the server to XML files. You can later open these files using the Diagnostics Console to display them in an easy-to-read format.

  • The remote-mode Diagnostics Console can display messages logged by the Diagnostics Service when the service is running on a remote or local server. In this scenario, the Diagnostics Service can simultaneously write messages to the console and to XML log files.

  • The Diagnostics Console can log and display messages occurring on the local workstation or server. You can save logs to files from the Diagnostics Console interface.

Before configuring the Diagnostics Service or Console, determine how you want to log and monitor OnBase messages.